• Tiki Sofa
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Tiki sofa is a visually simple sofa with great comfort. Tikis character is tied to the sofa’s top line and silhouette. The line gives a hint of something soft, tailored, which can be shaped and reshaped over time. Tiki’s identity lies in this line and the slim and visually lightweight construction. The basic idea of Tiki is related to a fundamental idea in the Scandinavian design tradition - that you immediately should understand why something is designed and constructed in a certain way.

Tiki relate to the body in the sense that it has an internal structure which is then padded and upholstered - without voids, which is usually more frequently found in other sofas. The hand reaches all parts - side panels, bottom frame and cushions - making Tiki more intuitive and inviting. Tiki is informal in its expression. Tikis thin loose cushions, in combination with the springs in the bottom gives a good, traditional comfort. This comfort is not obvious at first glance – it is perceived only when you settle down.

Dimensions: Length 233 cm. Height 70 cm. Depth 88 cm. Seating height 38 cm.

Year: 2014

Design: Andreas Engesvik, Oslo

Manufacturer: Fogia