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Bunad Blankets (Bunadspledd) is a series of blankets launched during the London Design Festival, September 2012. The first Bunad Blankets we will show are based on bunad motifs from five different regions in Norway; Setesdal, Nordland, Fusa, Bringeklut from West Telemark, and mens bunad from Sunnmøre

The Idea for the Bunad Blanket came about one Christmas Eve a couple of years ago. I was sitting in the kitchen – surrounded by my girlfriend, her mother and her sister with husband. They were all wearing bunads from Setesdal. I sat in a chair while the others stood and walked around me. The abundance of colors, stripes and details where overwhelming. It hit me then, that bunads can be experienced as colors composed on a surface.

The Bunad Blanket is a new product category that encompasses recognizable aspects from the bunad tradition. Bunads are composed of color in proportion – that means compostition and disposition of surfaces. The bunad is further composed in a series of different materials and techniques such as embroidery, detail seam, pearls, wool, linen, metal and so on. The Bunad Blankets represents a simplification and transferring of the Norwegian folk costumes. The Bunad Blanket introduces this rich tradition into our daily environments and interiors.

The Bunad Blankets are developed in co-operation with Mandal Veveri and are woven from pure wool in Mandal. Mandal Veveri is a nearly 100 year old textile company, and has a young and ambitious leadership. It is the leading producer of textiles for bunads in Norway today. Mandal Veveri is owned by Stina Skeie.

The Bunad is a range of traditional Norwegian rural clothes and folk costumes with its roots dating from the 18th and 19th centuries. In Norway, it is common to wear bunad at various celebrations such as folk dances, weddings, and especially the May 17 National Day celebrations.

National romanticism still has a stronghold in Norway, and the bunad is one of the most visible and known traditions in Norwegian cultural heritage. It played a role in building national identity before and after 1905 – when Norway became independent. The bunad is a significant cultural carrier and is central to the passing on of Norwegian handicraft traditions.

There are about 400 bunads and folk costumes in Norway today

The quality of the blankets has the right balance between weight and function (not too thick) and it drapes nicely. It is meant as an all-year blanket, to be used both at home and in the summer/winter cabin.

The blankets measure 130 cm x 200 cm (without fringes)

The Bunad Blanket is Design Protected




Year: 2012

Design: Andreas Engesvik, Oslo

Manufacturer: Mandal Veveri AS