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Allas - A pool of light

Allas, designed for Iittala by Andreas Engesvik, is a modern take on a traditional candelabrum. Allas creates a relaxed atmosphere for friends to gather in. It provides a strong light source for the interior decoration of your home and evenings in with friends. Engesvik surprises by combining the light flames of candles and the heaviness of cast iron. Norwegian designer Andreas Engesvik’s new candelabrum innovatively combines traditional cast iron with a modern, Scandinavian shape design. Engesvik says his designs are inspired by his environment and the everyday: flea markets, people, houses, new things – everything that you notice when having a look around. The idea of Allas candelabrum was born while having dinner with friends. “I was sitting with friends enjoying a lamb roast on a dark autumn evening. The dining table was filled with an assortment of different candleholders and I was looking at the reflection their light gave off in the windows. The candles, set at different heights, created a beautiful image in the window and were a strong source of light and atmosphere. The plates on the table and the reflections of light provided the inspiration for a pool full of light.” Allas candelabrum measures 26 centimetres in diameter and is designed for six candles, each set at a different height. The look of the candelabrum changes with different candles. Various, even daring, colour combinations can be used to create an edgy, three-dimensional feel. Cast iron is a safe material for holding candles, and the three wool pads at the bottom of the pool make the candelabrum sturdy while protecting the surface of the table. Andreas Engesvik says that cast iron as a material suits Iittala’s range perfectly, although it is especially known for its glass products. “Cast iron and glass are both very old and traditional materials, each classic in their own ways. Cast iron is a functional and durable material. When combined with a Nordic shape design, the product and its design and material fit perfectly into Iittala’s product range. I am very proud to be Iittala’s first Norwegian designer.”

The Allas range was extended in 2012 - including a four candles version and two different single versions.

Allas was awarded with Red Dot Award, Product Design 2012.

Year: 2011

Design: Andreas Engesvik, Oslo

Manufacturer: Iittala